Greetings, my name is Alex Yatskov; welcome to my homepage! I am a software engineer currently residing in Washington State, USA. My interests include learning about new technology, contributing to open source, studying the Japanese language, and enjoying nature.

This website’s title, FooSoft Productions, is a reference to a fictional software company that I imagined back when I was writing my first applications in High School. It is a combination of “Foo”, a common placeholder variable name used in programming, and “Soft” (think some faceless tech giant). It is not a real corporation, but more of a personal brand for software that I write in my free time.

I have over a decade of experience writing performance critical game engine code in C++, having worked on many games from start to finish. I am highly proficient in Python and Go for tool development and automation. More recently, I have been extending my skills to include web application technology.