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While working at Amaze Entertainment, I have contributed my effort to the development of numerous in-house tools. The most significant of these was an application known internally as Quintessence — a studio-wide level scripting tool that was utilized on virtually all 3d games made by Amaze. Quintessence had many features but it was primarily used by designers to add enemies, world objects, triggers, spawn points, camera paths, and countless other game-specific features to raw map geometry.

Quintessence was still in its infancy when I joined Amaze, and thus two of my coworkers and I were tasked to quickly get it up and running with the features needed by designers. This tool was the first large-scale C# application I had worked on up to that point, with the renderer being based on the Managed DirectX wrapper I’d written earlier as a university student. As time went on, Quintessence evolved into a sophisticated tool for design, being adaptable both specific project needs and personal preferences.


Games Credited for Tools Work

Shrek Super Slam Eragon Crash of the Titans Disney Friends