Contributing Guide

The project server for this site does not permit user registration. You will not be able to create issues or open pull requests. Unfortunately, hosting user content of any kind introduces many liabilities which I am not interested in taking on. This limitation requires a workflow that differs from that of GitHub and other social coding sites. Follow the steps below if you are interested in participating in development.

Reporting Issues

I don’t enjoy tracking issues via tickets when it comes to personal projects. It feels too much like work, and from my experience, most tickets just end up being support requests. I’d like to implement the lighter and more informal approach of using Discord for project-related communication. Chat by itself is insufficient for keeping track of long term goals, so I may still use tickets in those cases.

Submitting Changes

Instead of forking and submitting pull requests, simply email me your patchset. Creating one is easy:

  1. Clone the project you wish to update:
    git clone
  2. Implement your feature or bugfix.
  3. Commit the change to your local branch.
  4. Create a patchset against the origin/master branch:
    git format-patch origin/master
  5. Email me the resulting *.patch files.

Consider asking on Discord before coding large changes to make sure that your work is consistent with the goals and scope of the project.