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Mangle is a cross-platform image converter and optimizer built for reading Manga on the Amazon Kindle and other E-ink devices written in Python. With this application you can easily:


Many years ago I received an Amazon Kindle as a gift. I immediately began playing around with it and reading about certain undocumented features that the Kindle has to offer. After a couple of hours I discovered it to be the perfect device for reading Manga is almost always grayscale, and the aspect ratio fits the Kindle’s 600x800 pixel screen almost perfectly. Better yet, the Kindle’s undocumented image viewer actually keeps track of the last image you viewed and thus you are always able to return to the page you left off on when you power on your Kindle. The device supports several popular image formats (jpeg, png, gif, etc), and is able to dither and downscale images to fit the screen.

However… The Kindle’s image viewer does have certain shortcomings:

Mangle was born out of my annoyance with these issues. The program name is a portmanteau of “Manga” and “Kindle”; I thought it was pretty clever at the time.


  1. Add the desired images and image directories to the current book.
  2. Re-order the images as needed (files pre-sorted alphabetically).
  3. Configure the book title and image processing options.
  4. Create a root-level directory on your Kindle called pictures (case sensitive).
  5. Export your images, selecting the pictures directory you just created.
  6. Enjoy your Manga (if it doesn’t show up, press Alt + Z while on the home menu).