golang manga mit license

Mex is a tool for repacking manga archives into a sane directory structure for consumptions by viewers like Komga, Kavita, and many others.


You must have both 7za / 7z and unrar installed on your system and included in your system PATH.



To process an archive just pass it on the command line to Mex:

mex my_manga_archive.rar

Additional options can be viewed by running with the -help flag:

Usage: mex <input_path> [<output_dir>]
  -label-book string
    	book name template (default "{{.Name}}")
  -label-page string
    	page name template (default "page_{{.Index}}{{.Ext}}")
  -label-volume string
    	volume name template (default "vol_{{.Index}}")
  -workers int
    	number of simultaneous workers (default 4)
    	compress book as a cbz archive
    	compress volumes as cbz archives (default true)
  {{.Index}} - index of current volume or page
  {{.Name}} - original filename and extension
  {{.Ext}} - original extension only