Restaurant Search

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This project is a prototype semantic search web application that I developed as part of my master’s thesis at Keio University. I presented the results of my research at iiWAS 2015 in Brussels, Belgium. My article, titled Restaurant Search with Predictive Multispace Queries was published in the in the ACM International Conference Proceeding Series. The video below demonstrates the web application in action:

You can get a better understanding of the goals of this experimental search system by referring to the overview presentation; it provides a brief overview of the points covered in my article. Although I no longer make the prototype accessible on the web, it is easy to get it up and running locally by following the instructions below.


  1. Install the dependencies: Bower, Go, and Node.js.
  2. Install the search application:
    go install
  3. Install the client libraries (from the search/static directory):
    bower install
  4. Build and start the server (from the search/cmd directory):
    go build
  5. Access the web application at localhost:8080.