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This Neovim plugin makes it easy to rotate between related files in a common directory. This enables “header flipping” in C/C++ and other languages where semantically related information is split between different files. revolver.nvim alternates between files that share a common prefix after stripping away one of the predetermined suffixes. This suffix is typically the file extension, but can include a part of the filename as well. Classic Vim is not supported.


This plugin can be configured by calling the setup function. A set of file suffixes is provided to override the defaults shown below.



For the following examples, imagine that you have the files foo.cpp, foo.h, and foo.inl in a directory and are currently editing foo.cpp.


Invoking the Revolver command will open foo.h. Subsequent invocation will cause foo.h and foo.inl to open before wrapping back around to foo.cpp. The order that files are opened in corresponds to the ordering of suffixes provided to the setup function.


This command is similar to Revolver with the difference being that suffix rotation occurs backwards. The first file to be opened would be foo.inl, followed by foo.h, and finally foo.cpp again.