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Vim-ArgWrap is an industrial strength argument wrapping and unwrapping extension for the Vim text editor. It can be used for collapsing and expanding everything from function calls to array and dictionary definitions. All operations are easily reversible and correctly preserve the indentation of the surrounding code.

Installation and Usage

  1. Clone or otherwise download ArgWrap extension. Users of pathogen.vim can clone the repository directly to their bundle directory:
    git clone ~/.vim/bundle/vim-argwrap
  2. Create a keyboard binding for the ArgWrap command. For example, to declare a normal mode mapping, add: \
    nnoremap <silent> <leader>a :ArgWrap<CR>
  3. Position the cursor inside of the parenthesis, brackets or curly braces you wish to wrap/unwrap.
  4. Execute the keyboard binding you defined above to toggle the wrapping and unwrapping of arguments.


You can customize the behavior of this extension by setting values for any of the following optional buffer and global configuration variables in your .vimrc file. Buffer variables (prefixed with b:) take precedence over global variables (prefixed with g:), making them ideal for configuring the behavior of this extension on a file by file basis using ftplugin or autocmd. For example, the argwrap_tail_comma variable has two variants declared as b:argwrap_tail_comma and g:argwrap_tail_comma, for buffer and global scopes respectively.